Who We Are?

Our goal is to introduce advanced medical innovation into the Italian healthcare market. We help Medical Start Up Companies to move into the Italian Market faster and safer. Every Market has it's specific rules, processes, barriers. Nevertheless, the Italian Healthcare Public System is one of the most advanced worldwide, offering a good average level which is almost free of charge for all the Italian population. So, it is a big challenge, but there are also big opportunities for clever devices and medical equipment to enable to save lives by helping doctors with a better and faster patient hospital discharge. This has been my...

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Orthokin - Enrichment of interleukins an…

PRODUCTION With the patented second-generation medical device EOT®II, using a special process at the orthopaedist’s the so-called autologous conditioned serum (for short: ACS) is prepared. ACS represents a molecular biological approach to blood processing at the orthopaedist’s. Unlike other commonly used blood treatment methods, with EOT®II the patient’s blood is obtained in a single session with only one sampling at the...

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GerdX - Endoscopic Reflux Option

Reflux? NO THANKS.   Gentle solutions with the GERDX ™ . The consequences of reflux are often extremely painful and affect the quality of life of those affected massively. The GERDX ™ system includes the existing gap between the permanent drug treatment by PPI and the massive surgery fundoplication.   Using the GERDX ™ -Applikators be - similar to a...

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D-H.E.L.P.® - New Wave Surgical

What is D-H.E.L.P.®? It’s a revolutionary Defogging Heated Endoscopic Lens Protector system providing optimum visualization during laparoscopic or robotic surgery. D-H.E.L.P. is the only endoscope visualization system to keep the lens defogged and clean from the start of the operation through close. With D-H.E.L.P. you’ll not only have a clean, clear lens, you’ll benefit from a true white balance. All this enables...

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Peak Surgical Inc. now Medtronic Inc

Advanced Radiofrequency Surgical Technology and Tools PEAK Surgical is revolutionizing the way surgery is performed today with its proprietary pulsed plasma technology. Electrosurgery was invented in the beginning of the 20th century and became one of the most-often used surgical tools after William Bovie introduced his radiofrequency generator in 1926. Today, modern electrosurgical cutting tools use continuous radiofrequency waveforms, which thermally vaporize...

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NDO – Plicator now J&J inc

The Plicator™: A Non-Surgical Treatment for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease 
The Plicator is positioned at the junction of the stomach and esophagus.  
Photo courtesy of NDO Surgical Inc. The Plicator procedure is an endoscopic treatment for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) — a chronic condition that occurs when the lower esophageal sphincter relaxes, allowing the contents of the stomach to flow back into the...

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Spirus Medical now Olimpus Inc.

The Endo-Ease® Endoluminal Advancement System is a significant innovation in flexible GI endoscopy. This revolutionary over-tube system enables physicians to perform flexible endoscopy procedures more efficiently. 
Antegrade enteroscopic introduction with the Endo-Ease Discovery SB helps to advance compatible enteroscopes beyond to Ligament of Treitz – the fixed portion of small bowel within the abdominal cavity. Rotation of the Discovery SB beyond the Ligament...

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Restore Medical Inc - Pillar Procedure …

What Is the Pillar® Procedure?   Tiny Pillar Procedure implants are inserted into the soft palate to reduce the tissue vibration that can cause snoring problems. The Pillar® Procedure is a simple, safe, and effective treatment designed to stiffen your soft palate to help you stop snoring. In many cases, it can also help people suffering from mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea...

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Mortan Inc – Morga Lens

Saves time, saves eyes...and saves money. The Morgan Lens is standard equipment in 95% of hospital emergency rooms. When emergency departments are faced with ocular trauma, they turn to the most effective method of ocular irrigation, the Morgan Lens. 
Widely used by physicians, nurses and other medical personnel, the Morgan Lens delivers a continuous flow of solution to the injured eye within...

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Carefusion – Pyxis

Pyxis® technologies Complex challenges. Efficient and cost–effective solutions. Pyxis® technologies from CareFusion provide a platform of technologies and services that help improve medication safety and make the care process easier for clinicians. Our comprehensive approach to medication and supply management helps streamline workflow, improve financial performance and facilitate regulatory compliance throughout the hospital and IDN. Pyxis RX solutions: With so many variables to...

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Polyganics – Nasopore

NASOPORE® For more general information on sinus surgery use this link or visit the AAO website.  NASOPORE® nasal dressing is made of a fully synthetic biodegradable fragmentable foam. It is indicated for use after nasal interventions (for instance sinusitis, polyposis and epistaxis). NASOPORE® absorbs fluids, provides pressure to and supports the surrounding tissue. It prevents undesired adhesions. This biologically inert foam is a...

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Simple Safe & Effective “The Integral Theory” set the foundation for a new approach to treatment of female pelvic floor dysfunction.
i.e. “repair the structure, and you will repair the function” In keeping with this theory, the Tissue Fixation System (TFS) has been designed to reinforce damaged suspensory ligaments whilst retaining tissue elasticity. It is used for the treatment of female pelvic floor conditions,...

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Satiety inc. – Toga now J&J

TOGA Bariatric Surgery System The TOGA bariatric surgery system is a relatively new restrictive procedure that aims to facilitate weight loss by shrinking the stomach size using staples instead of incisions or permanent devices. The technique has shown promising possibilities and appears to be safe, but further refinement is needed to increase the likelihood that the staple line will remain intact.5 According to...

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MediByte   It's that small The world's smallest level 3 recorder packs the quality of a sleep laboratory in the palm of your hand. The MediByte is just 2.5 x 2.25 x 0.75 inches (66 x 60 x 19mm) and weighs in at just 3.3 ounces (93g).     Link to Manifacture Website

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Vims – System

By the creation of VIMS, I wanted to transpose my experience as an on-board video specialist at SONY, to the medical field. Video is a wonderful passport to explore the different domains of professional activities: movies production, communication, events management, electronic surveillance, but also, the analysis of scientific video picture, the study one image at a time of the itinerary a...

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Gyrus PK

Gyrus ACMI offers the most versatile tissue management technology available from a single workstation.  PK®  Technology provides surgeons with unique, ultra low voltage RF energy to seal, transect, coagulate, dissect, vaporize, resect and mobile tissue all with precision for reduced blood loss and shortened procedure times.     Link to Manifacture Website

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Angenieux – Thales ATC 3000


 Common Generic Device Name:

 Classification Name: 

Medical Specialty Code:
 SU - General Plastic Surgery 

 Product Code: 

Device Classification Code: 
General Controls 

 FDA Regulation Number:

FDA Device Listing Date:

 FDA Listing Status: 
Active   Link to Manifacture Website

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GI Dynamics – EndoBarrier

EndoBarrier® Therapy is a revolutionary approach that doesn’t rely on medication or involve surgery to help patients regain control of type 2 diabetes and obesity. The EndoBarrier® medical device is placed in the intestine through a small tube that is inserted through the mouth, mimicking the effects of gastric bypass, without the risks associated with surgery. There are no incisions or scars....

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Lamiday Noury

The complete system for electrosurgery in one unit Vessel sealing system Safe and efficient sealing up to 7mm diameter Thermocision A surgery revolution ! The only system which can dissect, seal and cut Saline cut bipolar A specific current for each procedure : TURP / TURB / HYSTERO RESECTION Monopolar / Bipolar currents A real hemostatic cut with a white coagulation without charring and resection without bleeding Argon system Argon...

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RF Medical co.

RF Medical Co., Ltd. researches and develops Electro Surgical devices using Radiofrequency as a manufacturer of medical equipment established in 2003. We dedicated to popularizing RF liver cancer treatment devices in domestic and in year 2004, we developed the world's first RF Myolysis System. We have supplied it to most of the university hospitals and OBGYN clinics presenting new treatment of preserving...

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Lumitex – Orange line for Neuro / Spine …

Ortho-Light™ Improve Visualization in Minimally-Invasive Orthopedic Surgery 
The Ortho-Light™, MIS Ortho-Light™, 
and Mini VersaLight™ are disposable, single-use-
only devices designed to bring cool, bright
area illumination for improved visualization in 
MIS Orthopedic cavities.       Link to Manifacture Website        

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Lone Star Medical Inc. now Cooper Surg…

Better than another pair of hands Get exceptional visibiltiy and ease of use with less instrument clutter. The self-retaining retractor system is a completely flexible comprehensive system. Composed of retractor rings and elastic stays that provide optimal exposure and access to the surgical site, the system has the ability to rapidly adapt to changes in field as the procedure progresses, with minimal effort and no additional personnel.  Retractor rings...

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Lumitex Inc

We Engineer Light…   For Medical Applications   Lumitex Medical Devices creates, manufactures and distributes unique, cool devices for medical illumination.   Our patented technologies are used to treat jaundice in infants and help surgeons better visualize deep surgical cavities       Link to Manifacture Website                      

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